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Shoreditch lays in region of northern City of London district. It is one of the most interesting and distinctive areas of London itself. There is a system of streets and alleys called the curry mile, because of the Hindu minorities and overwhelming aroma of spices encircling bystanders. Following is the Liverpool street, one of the most economically important streets in London, young and prosperous firms are growing there tirelessly next to rapidly escalating hotel businesses. All of those qualities add up to an area where upper class DJ drink bars stand vis’a’vis cheap curry joints, expensive boutiques of young designers and old school butcher shops.

Sounds like a perfect area to spend some cozy time with a beautiful girl to me, how about you? If I were to have some fun, I would hire myself an escort in Shoreditch, rent a hotel room and make sure I have her for at least twenty four hours. I would wake up in my hotel room where I would have her delivered, she would come up undress and feed me breakfast, afterwards I would not mind a blowjob and some shower action to properly wake myself up and prepare for the day to come. Afterwards I would take her out to the city for walk, hoping she knows the area better than me, we would go sightseeing, she would show me some points of interest.

The walk would probably end around lunch time so we would go eat something and me and my Shoreditch escorts would go back to the hotel for a quicky nap, or a quicky and a nap. Next I would probably follow my escort in Shoreditch to some kind of a bar for a few drinks and some fun, most likely moving to a club afterwards. We would end up back in the hotel room eating pizza in bed and having wild sex until morning.

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