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Finsbury like all the rest of central London district is pretty old, it is located in close proximity to City of London, Holborn and Shoreditch, which makes it an interesting area to set your anchor and start exploring the oldest parts of the capital of united kingdom. It is known for the Finsbury Park ,perfectly kept green area in the middle of a metropolis. The area itself has went through some significant changes in recent years, most notably building the New Emirates Stadium for the Arsenal Team nearby, it is a state of the art facility that is third in country in terms of sheer size.

Building of the stadium was ended in 2006 at a cost of a booming 470 milion pounds. Nowadays it is not only home to Arsenal but also a site where various music concerts, show and happenings take place, like any other stadium for that matter, they have to make money somehow when the football season comes to a halt. Finsbury is also known for a recent economical development resulting in many shops and bars being opened, consumption is rising and the town is flourishing.

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