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Barbican by definition is a defensive structure built around ancient towns, like the Warsaw Barbican in the Old Town, Barbican in Cracow or perhaps the most widely known one in London, though it has been rebuilt and transformed into an arts and conference center, a modern work of art that makes by walkers gasp in awe.

The center is a largest investment of that kind in whole Europe, to say it is impressive is an understatement. It was built with performances, art, theater, film and all different kinds of modern, sophisticated pleasures you can think of, even London classical music orchestras got their place in the Barbican, not to mention the Royal Shakespeare Company, there is also place for modern and contemporary music concerts.

Barbican Centre also houses three restaurants, a library and a conservatorium.
Barbican area is also known for the Barbican Estates, a residential area built upon the ruins of world war two bombardments which were pretty severe on the landscape. The opinions about architecture of the estate are divided among the citizens of London, some claims that it is the ugliest building in all London were made.

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