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by Marlon, from London | Written on 2017-07-19
One inside her dazzling current space, Maja had me take my shoes off and go along with her for some tea in a couple of love seats. Maja sat at the intersection of one, I on the other in the L formed set up. We discussed my past dakini and tantra experience (with the prominent Dakini Jaiya) and what I was searching for. As we talked, Maja set up the association and began to make open doors for us to touch and set up a physical association. Some tea was poured and Maja made herself more alright with me on my lounge chair, and the touching, the breathing, the eye contact turned out to be considerably more associated and extreme as we talk. Her eyes are astounding and you can simply suffocate in them. There was a considerable measure of spotlight on breath work, perceptible breathes out utilized for center, all through the session. I'm somewhat vocal regardless, and a few times all through our time together Maja called attention to that Maja cherished how vocal I was on the grounds that Maja could read it well and adored having that real reaction.
With a 2.5 hour session we had a lot of time and talked a short time before moving to the shower, where Maja helped me undress and I got in. Maja made a joke about the tub being too little or else Maja would go along with me - now there's a desire well worth contemplating. Rather Maja bowed close to the tub, touching, investigating with a material or with her hands. Maja touched my body, rooster, balls, inquired as to whether Maja could play with my rear end and I advised her obviously. It was a moderate long staggeringly pleasurable custom which I had never partaking in yet I unquestionably well again.
by Gary, from Islington | Written on 2016-08-03